There are two primary layouts available, No Sidebar and Sidebar.

No Sidebar: This layout is used with full-width modules and sections. Including Blue Border Boxes, and Right/Left Image Blocks. If choosing this layout, it’s important to note that the introduction paragraph will not be full-width but instead 80%. To ensure the layout is consistent with pre-existing pages, select one of the available templates to start with. Then you can remove/add modules as needed.

Sidebar: This layout is most commonly used, with a 72% x 28% format containing a right sidebar. The majority of the content will be input in the left column, with the sidebar only containing a Contact Box and/or Links Box.

When using this layout the sidebar should be set to Sticky. Although there are a few exceptions. In the event that the sidebar contains a Section Links module that is very long -OR- if the left column content is equal in length or shorter in length to the sidebar column –– disable the Sticky feature.

To check if the Sticky Sidebar is On/Off, see below:

  1. Click the Column icon
  2. Go to the Advanced Tab
  3. Locate the Visibility section – Sticky Column

  4. Set the dropdown to Yes-Sticky or Off (depending on your needs)
  5. If set to Yes, the default Margin from Top should be 150px – but this may need to be adjusted if you notice the top of the sidebar is being cut-off when scrolling.