Standard bullet lists can easily be created within text modules, but for unique lists there are a few alternative options available. *Bolded text indicates saved module name.

List: Bullets (w/Bold Heading) – This list style is the simplest list form which includes a basic bold heading.

There are also two unique list styles available for use, in both cases these are setup in a 2-column layout which then becomes stacked on Tablet and Mobile size. To do this set the COLUMN WIDTH to 50% for both the left and right column on desktop, switch to Tablet and set the width to 100% (this will auto apply to Mobile size too).

List: Dashed-Bold Heading w/Info – This list style does not include any icons but does include a bolded heading above each section with information below. This is best used for lists that are more detailed.

List: Icon + Info – This list style uses solid icons and includes a short blurb below each with a connector line. This style is best used for short amounts of information. There is a Left and Right module available for selection. This is to ensure the connector lines stacks in responsive mode. *The class mobList is added to the Left Column module.