Media Library

Adding Images & Other Media

Adding images and other media files such as videos, documents or PDFs is extremely easy within WordPress. All your images and files are stored in the Media Library. Once they’re uploaded into the Media Library, it’s a very simple matter to insert them into your Page or Post content. In the case of files such as Word Documents or PDFs, if necessary, it’s a simple process to create links to those files so that people can then download them.

Additionally, you can upload files from the page you’re currently working on. If you’ve loaded the Page Builder and are using a module that allows for images then you will see an option to Select Image. From the Select Image popup you can choose an existing image from the Media Library or Upload New. If you incur a HTTPS Upload Error this could be due to the image size or the optimization of your site. We recommend uploading the image from the Media Library directly to resolve this issue. If the error still continues please contact your website administrator for further assistance.

Pixelated Images in Gallery Modules

If you experience issues with pixelated images when using an Image Gallery Module it may be best to Regenerate Thumbnails using a plugin.

To do this, begin by downloading the plugin to your site:

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Regenerate Thumbnails
  3. Look for the option titled the above by the author Alex Mills (Before installing, check that the plugin is still compatible with your version of WordPress)
  4. Click the Install Now button
  5. Once installed click the blue Active button
  6. When this action is completed, go to the plugin page located under the Dashboard > Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails
  7. Click Regenerate Thumbnails for All Attachments
  8. This should resolve the issue of pixelated thumbnails in your Gallery modules

*If your images appear pixelated in general this could be due to the images upload size. For larger areas, ensure that your images are a decent width and resolution to accurately fill the space.

**If your images are loading slowly and are causing slow load times for your site, please see the Optimizing Your Website > Images section of this manual.