Saved Rows, Modules, & Columns

You can save a row, column (as of Beaver Builder 2.1), or module for reuse on your site. You can also export saved rows, columns, and modules for use in other websites.

You can save your row, column, or module as standard or global. When you save an item as global, each instance of it that you drag into any page on your site is linked to all other instances. Any change you make to one instance will update all instanced and the global saved version. If you save an item as standard, each instance in your layout is independent of the centrally saved row or module and from any other instance of it. In other words, once you drag a standard row or module into your layout, it’s just like any other row or module at that point.

To save a row, column, or module:

  1. Open the page that contains the row, column, or module you want to save.
  2. Open the row or module for editing by clicking the wrench tool.
  3. Click Save as.
  4. Enter a name for your saved module, decide if it will be standard (No) or Global (Yes) and click Save.

*Your saved rows and columns can be accessed on both the Rows tab and the Saved tab in the Content panel.

**Saved modules are accessed on the Saved tab.

Insert a saved row, column, or module into your layout

The procedure for inserting a saved row, column (as of Beaver Builder 2.1), or module is the same whether it’s standard or global.

  • In the Content panel, click the Saved tab, then drag the saved row, column, or module into your layout.

Global rows, columns, or modules have an orange overlay after they are inserted. Any modification you make to them will affect the saved version and all other instances in your site. Standard rows, columns, or modules don’t have any special formatting in your layout because they no longer have any association with the saved version.