Sidebar Contact

If a module already exists for a contact person, it will be available under the Saved tab. If a module does not exist yet you can create a new module using the steps outlined below.

**Do not overwrite an existing contact box UNLESS you intend to replace that person across the entire site. All contact boxes are saved as Global Modules, meaning that if you edit it on one page it will also be updated on another page. This is useful if you need to update a person’s name, phone #, etc. It is best practice to create a new module if you need to switch the person. Then you can delete and add the new contact module on any other pages where this person needs to be added.


    1. To create a new Contact Box, open the module dropdown
    2. Go to the Saved tab and select Contact Box: Template (Create New)
    3. Drag + Drop the module into your sidebar
    4. Click the wrench icon to begin editing
    5. Update the text information and select the correct headshot image
    6. Click Save to publish your module edits
    7. Now open the module settings again (click the wrench icon) and click Save As
    8. Enter the module title format as such, Contact Box: FirstName LastName
    9. From the Global Module dropdown, select YES
    10. And click Save
    11. Now you’re ready to add the contact box to other pages